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Couples Problems and Therapy What's the Difference???? Trauma and Events, Trauma and Children Multiple Sclerosis and the Family

Trauma and Recent Events

Trauma and Children

M.S. and Other Chronic or Terminal Illness: What About the Family?

Couples Therapy and Relationship Problems

Trauma and Events, Trauma and Children Psychologists, Psychiatrists and Clinical Social Workers:
What’s the Difference???
Child Sexual Abuse
Harbor Crest Counseling
Weight Loss through Hypnosis:
The Virtual Gastric Band


Bring in a New You in 2011,
Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis 
and Other Methods
Bullying Presentation: April 2011
final version bully presentation.pdf

Presentation- March 2012-Bullying

Letter to Government and Emergency Services- Suggestions Planning

YouTube Video:

For Heroes: Hurricanes, Trauma and Emergency Services

Youtube Video for Governement and Service Planning

Youtube Video

For Therapists: Treatment Planning and Interventinon

Youtube Video for People Affected by Trauma

final version bully presentation.pdf 9-11 PTSD FDNY.pdf

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9/11 Ten Years Later, the Timeless Effects of Trauma

Trauma and September 11